59 €
Child (2-12 y.o.)
Baby (up to 2 y.o.)
Family (2 adults + 2 children)
Groups > 10 pax (adults)
25€ per person
Adult - resident in Canarias*
Child - resident in Canarias*
550€ tapas menu
650€ gourmet menu
800€ (up to 50 pax)
1000€ (50-80 pax)

        *It is required to prove residence with a certificate or ID that includes home address in Canarias, prior to boarding.

Discounts – Terms & Conditions:

Canary resident special price

Ticket for Canary residents has a cost of 25€ adults and 13,5€ children. Passengers embarkation will be subject to prove their resident condition. They must show their ID (with home address in Canarias) or residence certificate prior to the starting time of the trip. We kindly ask they get to Tazacorte in time so as to show the documentation before they go on board. In case they do not bring the documentation required, we reserve the right not to allow their embarkation. As a courtesy, we will offer to change the date for their tour, giving the opportunity of returning with the documentation. The 10% online discount is not valid with this special price. 

Groups of 10 or more people for Flipper – Delfin Safari Tour

When a group of 10 people or more (all adults) wants to get tickets for the Flipper Tour, we offer a special price of 25€ per person. This offer applies only to adults fee. In case the group contains a mix of ages (with below 12 y.o. children), this special price will apply only in the case there are minimum 10 adults. For children below 12 y.o., their 15€ price will remain. The 10% online discount is not valid with this special price. 

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