Flipper Tour

Daily responsible whale watching tour.

Our passionate team of marine biologists and experienced guides will provide you with very interesting information about marine fauna while you enjoy the beauty of these animals in their natural habitat.

The duration of the trip is 2,5-3 hours. During this time we will be searching some of the 27 species of cetaceans that have been registered in the Canary Islands. On the way, we will also visit some highlights of the coast, such as Porís de Candelaria and the Beautiful Cave.

Our passengers will find some amenities on board the Flipper, for example a restroom, upper and lower deck, some room on the bow from where they can closer watch the animals, smoking area on the stern and refreshments to purchase during the trip.

In the unlikely case of no sighting during our tour, we offer a free ticket so that every passenger has a second opportunity to come back for whale watching within 2 weeks.

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