Catalogue of tropical pilot

Following our commitment to research, we have created the first photo-identification catalogue for the tropical or short-finned pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) off La Palma. Thanks to the effort and dedication of our team, more than 150 individuals have been identified during the last year. It has been possible by using the photo-identification technique that is based on the photographs of the dorsal fins of the animals during our excursions. Pilot whales have unique dorsal fins with different permanent marks that allow us to identify and recognize each individual over time, as fingerprints in humans.

Thanks to this technique and with the collaboration of the organizations: Calderones de Canarias and Asociación Tonina we are gradually getting to know the population of pilot whales in the archipelago. This allows us to answer questions such as: Where do they come from? Do they move between islands? Are they relatives? Are they always the same? How many are they? How often do they have calves? Is the population declining? Etc … This information is very valuable when establishing and developing management plans for the conservation of this species.


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