Ocean Explorer is a leading company in maritime transport, located in La Palma more than eight years ago, and has a team of specialized and experienced staff in this industry.

Our two boats, Flipper and Bussard, are used for responsible whale watching trips, as our main concern is to carry out this activity with the least possible impact and always to respect nature.


While navigation, the main goal of our trips is to enjoy, to learn and to respect the animals. That is the reason why our marine biologists and guides will provide you with reliable information about the surrounding marine fauna in order for you to get a good knowledge of our seas and to raise awareness regarding the importance of conservation of nature. As Jacques Cousteau said: “People protect what they love, as we only can love what we know”.


Anna is a passionate marine mammal biologist that has travelled around the globe working with whales and dolphins (Barcelona, Azores, México, Tenerife and now La Palma). She holds a Master’s degree in Marine Biology and has many years of experience as a whale watching guide and cetacean researcher. On board, she will share all her dedication and knowledge with our clients and will raise awareness on the conservation of marine ecosystems, making this trip as meaningful and enjoyable as possible. She will also be collecting scientific data during the trip as part of different research projects on whales that will surely increase our knowledge of these magnificent animals. 


Jose plays the role of sailor on board the Flipper and is also in charge of maintenance of the boats and fine tuning, together with the captains. With his unbeatable predisposition and fun mood, he accompanies on the tours to support on dolphin search and also boat manoeuvres.


Adam is one of our vendors and public relations that you can meet in our office at Los Cancajos. Original from Krakow and current resident of the island for some time now, he has lived in have the world! Adam is a travel-lover and he decided to join the tourism industry and become a tourist guide, as there is nothing he do better than let our visitors know everything he knows about La Palma. He will be pleased to assist you when you need to schedule some activities for your stay in the island and he can help in several languages with bookings to join our whale watching expeditions!


Carlitos is the captain on the Flipper and he will welcome you always with a smile and the most impeccable boat in the harbour. Born and raised in Tazacorte, after many years being part of the team of Ocean Explorer, we can guarantee he is one of the most experienced skippers in the area. And be sure he will not miss any single animal for you, as his dedicated life to the sea made him to develop one-off sharp eyesight.


Chano is the captain on the Bussard and a veteran player of the team! Original from Tazacorte, fishing is his favourite sport during his free time. You will meet him on the Bussard, where he also prepares the best barbecues for the boat trips. His experience turned him into a person that knows these waters as the back of his hand and he will take you sailing along the most amazing highlights of the coast. 


Andy is our most veteran guide on board. With German nationality, he gives all the explanations in Spanish, English and German. His hobbies are rock music (he has his own band!!) and stargazing, and he has recently become in one of the very few German-speaking Starlight Guides of La Palma.


Luana is one of our most polyglot vendors and a passionate traveller. She has Italian and Belgian nationality and she has been living in La Palma for eight years now. She speaks Spanish, French, English and Italian and can be found in the office at Los Cancajos, H10 Hotel and Tazacorte, providing valuable information to our clients regarding the tours we offer, always with a big smile and good sense of humour!


Carmen is our public relations of the airport. She will be the first person of the company that you will meet if you arrive by plane to our beautiful island. Original from La Palma, she has a wide knowledge of every corner. If you need a map to get to your accommodation or to Tazacorte, information about the island and available activities, she is the person to ask, with great predisposition and kindness.



A young biologist with a great passion for the marine world and nature. She finished the master in marine biology with a master’s thesis focused on the study of the marine reserves of the Canary Islands. During her internship on board of the Flipper, she researched the pilot whale population of La Palma. You’ll  find her on the upper deck of the Flipper equipped with binoculars and camera, always searching for marine mammals. She is happy to share her knowledge of the oceans and their inhabitants with you in German, Spanish and English!

Nicole y Jorge

Nicole and Jorge are the owners of Ocean Explorer, a company that was established more than twenty years ago. They carried from Germany the dream of setting up this project in La Palma and it is growing more and more. They work together with all the staff so as to improve day by day and to make the customer experience as complete and satisfying as possible.

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