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Ocean Explorer is a leading company in maritime transport, located in La Palma more than eight years ago, and has a team of specialized and experienced staff in this industry.

Our two boats, Flipper and Bussard, are used for responsible whale watching trips, as our main concern is to carry out this activity with the least possible impact and always to respect nature.

“People protect what they love, but we only love what we know”

—Jacques Cousteau

While navigation, the main goal of our trips is to enjoy, to learn and to respect the animals. That is the reason why our marine biologists and guides will provide you with reliable information about the surrounding marine fauna in order for you to get a good knowledge of our seas and to raise awareness regarding the importance of conservation of nature.


Jose plays the role of sailor on board the Flipper and is also in charge of maintenance of the boats and fine tuning, together with the captains. With his unbeatable predisposition and fun mood, he accompanies on the tours to support on dolphin search and also boat manoeuvres.

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Carlitos is the captain on the Flipper and he will welcome you always with a smile and the most impeccable boat in the harbour. Born and raised in Tazacorte, after many years being part of the team of Ocean Explorer, we can guarantee he is one of the most experienced skippers in the area. And be sure he will not miss any single animal for you, as his dedicated life to the sea made him to develop one-off sharp eyesight.

Andy is our most veteran guide on board. With German nationality, he gives all the explanations in Spanish, English and German. His hobbies are rock music (he has his own band!!) and stargazing, and he has recently become in one of the very few German-speaking Starlight Guides of La Palma.

Luana is one of our most polyglot vendors and a passionate traveller. She has Italian and Belgian nationality and she has been living in La Palma for eight years now. She speaks Spanish, French, English and Italian and can be found in the office at Los Cancajos, H10 Hotel and Tazacorte, providing valuable information to our clients regarding the tours we offer, always with a big smile and good sense of humour!

Nicole and Jorge are the owners of Ocean Explorer, a company that was established more than twenty years ago. They carried from Germany the dream of setting up this project in La Palma and it is growing more and more. They work together with all the staff so as to improve day by day and to make the customer experience as complete and satisfying as possible.

She is our marine scientist and has worked in activities related to cetaceans in Murcia and Madeira until arriving in La Palma to dedicate herself to whale watching on board the Flipper. On the boat he will share all his knowledge with our passengers, making the excursion educational and entertaining. Meanwhile, he will collect scientific data and take photos as part of several research projects to expand our knowledge about the cetaceans that inhabit or sail our waters.

He is in charge of preparing the tapas for the menu of the Bussard excursions and checking that everything on board is ready before the boat sets sail. He also participates with the captains in the maintenance work.

She is our salesperson at the kiosk at Puerto de Tazacorte and welcome the clients on the harbor before boarding. She is also in charge of collecting the photographs taken by the biologists during the excursions and shares them with the passengers, so they can have a nice souvenir of their trip.

She was fascinated by the underwater world from an early age. Since there is no marine biologist study program in Slovakia, she decided to study at a veterinary school. After graduating, she traveled to improve her English and German. However, her childhood dream came true years later. She took a marine biologist course and practicum in the USA. She worked in Mexico and also in Iceland as a whale watching guide. With the help of her narration, you can transport yourself to a magical world – the world under the surface.


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