Whale and dolphin watching on the “Isla Bonita” guided by marine biologists

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July 17, 2024 5:53 am

Dear guests,

Bookings can be made via our website or at our sales points in Puerto de Tazacorte or next to the Hotel H10 Cancajos.

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Responsible whale watching excursion with marine biologists. Enjoy this maritime safari of approximately 2 and a half hours, it’s specially suited for groups and families.

Enjoy on our boat “Bussard” a 4 hour sea excursion, with a reception as you deserve: we will serve you cava, tapas (little Spanish appetizers) and refreshments. This trip will include a swim stop on the way.

Would you like to live an unforgettable experience
in the waters of the Canary Islands?

Responsible Whale Watching

We have the certification of the “Barco Azul” flag as authorized vessels for the observation of cetaceans.

Free pictures

At the end of the tour, our team will send you the photos of your trip to your email. (Only available on the Flipper tour)

Team of marine biologists

Our team has expert marine biologists who love and know nature very well.

We are here:

Muelle deportivo de Tazacorte

Muelle Deportivo S/N
38779, Puerto de Tazacorte

Our offices

Office in Los Cancajos

Calle Punta de la Arena, 18,
38712, Breña Baja

Office in Puerto Naos

Carretera Charco Verde, 258C
38769, Los Llanos

Office at the airport

La Palma Airport

Opinions of our clients

star rating  Muy buen avistamiento - Tuvimos la suerte de observar tres especies distintas el día que navegamos. Destacar el gran conocimiento de las biólogas que nos acompañaban ese día. En todo momento explicaban cosas y... Más información

October 18, 2021

star rating  Muy recomendable  - Independientemente del avistamiento, que en nuestro caso ha sido espectacular, hemos perdido la cuenta de las ballenas y delfines....
Me gustaría destacar las explicaciones continuas de Ana y de como... Más información

July 15, 2022

star rating  Each trip varies, so sightings are not guaranteed - We took this trip as an excursion from our cruise ship. The journey from our ship to this boat, in a coach was probably as interesting as the boat trip.... Más información

May 20, 2020

Frequent questions

You can change or cancel the reservation up to 24 hours prior to departure time. Otherwise, a refund will not be possible.

If the tour is canceled for reasons beyond the client’s control (bad weather or unexpected failure related to boats operation), we offer the possibility of changing the date of the tour or refunding the full amount of the ticket.

Once you are inside the facilities of the Marina (Puerto de Tazacorte), you will easily find the Ocean Explorer sales kiosk. There, the staff will kindly show you the boarding gate. Passengers can also go to the boarding gate directly, as it is just 20 meters from the kiosk. The first boarding gate will lead to the Bussard boat and the second gate, through the “Whale Watching Center”, is used to go on board the Flipper.

Yes, once you have booked and paid for your ticket, you can go straight away to the boarding gate with the ticket (on paper or on your mobile phone), 15-30 minutes prior to departure time.

It is not necessary as long as you can display it on your mobile.

The team of biologists will be able to give you all the details and will explain all about the different marine fauna that can be observed around La Palma Island, from sea turtles to seabirds and cetaceans. Among the most frequent cetaceans there are some resident species of dolphins such as bottlenose dolphins or pilot whales. However, there are many species that are seasonal or migratory, and these are seen more often at certain times of the year.

No. We strictly accomplish with the protocol for this activity following responsible whale watching practices and the rules prohibit entering in the water with the animals.

No. We strictly accomplish with the protocol for this activity following responsible whale watching practices and rules prohibit trying to feed or touch the animals.

The Bussard boat has a maximum capacity of 12 passengers. The capacity of the Flipper boat is 100 passengers spread over the two decks. However, we never exceed the 70% of this capacity, since we like to offer the greatest possible comfort to smaller groups.

There are indeed life jackets for all passengers, including for children, plus for the entire crew. In addition, the boats have all the mandatory safety elements required by the maritime authorities.

Within the facilities of the Marina you will find places to park your vehicle. Still, during high season in summer we recommend our passengers to come early enough to find a place close to the boarding zone.

Seasickness produced by the movement of the boat is very subjective and affects each person in different ways. The number of people affected by seasickness on each excursion varies from day to day depending on the sea state; however we never go out in bad sea conditions Even so, if you are concerned of getting seasick, we recommend you to ask your GP so that they can advise you to buy a preventive method of dizziness from a pharmacy (there are pills, bracelets, patches, etc.). We also have biodramin pills on board that could be purchased and taken half an hour prior to departure.

Yes, both tours are suitable for children of all ages, including infants. In case someone comes with a baby carriage, please communicate it at the time of booking to guarantee room on board.

Yes. In case you need to carry with you your wheelchair on the boat, please let us know at the time of booking to guarantee room on board.

Yes, you can enjoy our tours while pregnant. However, it is required that you inform us in case of advanced stage of pregnancy and that you ask your GP for greater safety.

Yes, both on the Bussard and on the Flipper there is a restroom on board. There are also toilets in the harbor facilities if passengers want to use those before going on board.

The boat trip aboard the Bussard includes lunch/dinner as well as non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, you can also buy wine, beer and coffee. On board the Flipper we sell still water, sparkling water, soft drinks and beer as well as packets of crisps; however you can bring your own food if you wish.

Although we are in a fairly warm area throughout the year, during the winter months it can cool down while sailing, so we recommend you to bring some warm clothing. Closed footwear would be optimal (there is no problem by wearing open sandals-type shoes, it is only a recommendation for greater safety of your feet) and a cap for the sun, as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. We strongly recommend you to check the forecast in Tazacorte the day before.

Yes, smoking is allowed but only in the designated smoking area at the back of the boats, where you will be provided of ashtrays.

Yes, of course taking photos is allowed. Remember to sit down or hold on to the railing of the boat to avoid falling while paying attention to the photo. We ask for extreme caution not to drop your camera or mobile phone into the water while shooting.


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